Just my type: A collection of nice font stacks. Fonts from @typekit and some of them are available for free. Check out this inspiration source.


Lovely page of type pairings from Dan Eden.

Typecast. Design with web fonts, in the browser.

I’ve just received my early access to Typecast Beta and I’m so excited. Let’s see how it works and all the ways to design with web fonts in the browser.

You can also ask for your invite on http://www.typecastapp.com


Pictos Server

Drew Wilson has introduced a new service ($19–$99/year) which allows designers to create custom icon fonts from his Pictos collection. It’s crazy simple: Pick your icons, assign to letters, and embed the font live, ala Typekit, or download the file for a small fee. Brilliant.

Also: if you need a little convincing as to why you would want to use a webfont for icons, check out this excellent article on CSSTricks.

Pictos server. Use webfonts for icons on your site!